1)   Do you want your engine rightside up instead of upside down?


2)  Do you want the larger tail sections?


3)  Do you want push pull rods instead of cables and pulleys?


4)  Do you want the Rotax gearbox instead of the belt drive?


5)  Do you want streamlined aluminum struts instead of  tube struts?


6)  Do you want a shock cord landing gear instead of a rigid gear?


7)   Do you want the rudder pedals custom fit for your comfort?


8)  Do you want a roomier pilot and  passenger area?


9)  Do you want electric flaps? ( flaperons are NOT flaps )


If you answer YES to any of these questions, you’ll want the Excalibur.

Challenger does not offer any of these features.


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  Letters from our Customers

  Differences Between Challenger and EXCALIBUR

  These Questions will help you decide ! !

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